Air Conditioning

From a simple regas to identifying and fixing leaks, we have the tools and the skills to analyse, diagnose and repair any part of your cars Air Conditioning systems. With all out our re-gasses we insert a ultraviolet dye to quickly allow us to identify any leaks in your air conditioning systems, saving you time and taking the guesswork out of any automotive air conditioning repairs.

Air Conditioning Regas/Service

Over time air conditioning refrigerant can leak through seals, when we perform an Air Conditioning regas on your car we also include a dye which can be seen under ultraviolet light. This allows us to check your air conditioning system for leaks.

Air Conditioning Repairs

We service, repair and if need be replace all parts of automotive air conditioning systems. After diagnosing any issues that could be present in your air conditioning system we will repair or replace any components necessary. We will then bring you back into the workshop to recheck all components to ensure correct operation.

Licence/Trading Number – AU25905

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